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express oil change


When you need fast, quality automotive maintenance service for your vehicle's most essential needs, Express Oil Change is here to help.
  • express oil change

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express oil change

express oil change
express oil change

Our 10 Min Express Oil Change Process


express oil change
NO Appointment

We all have busy days, that's why we offer express drive-thru oil change with no appointment needed.

express oil change
Rapid Checkup

Once you drive in, we will conduct a vehicle inspections and report what services you require.

express oil change
Express Service

Our trained experts will service your vehicle with warranty approved products to ensure reliability including fluid top-up and visual inspection.

express oil change
Thank You, Come Again

For your and our satisfaction, we will recheck all our work to ensure your safety before you leave our service center.

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PreventativeMaintenance   Benefits

Express Oil Change Vehicle Maintenace Program

express oil change

Scheduled Oil Change

Doing your oil change on time is not just for manufacturers suggestion to avoid your warranty, but it is to enhance the engine's life, improve drive quality and provide better gas mileage.

express oil change

Vital Fluids Top-Up

Its is very important having your vital fluids topped-up to the recommended level specified for your vehicle. Finding low or no fluids is a sign of leaks and malfunction in that part of the vehicle.

express oil change

Replace Essential Filter

There are few important filters in your vehicle, mainly replacing cabin and air intake filters allows you and the car breath cleaner air. Mechanical component filters allows the flow of clean fluids through your vehicle.

express oil change

Vehicle Inspections

Our extensive vehicle inspection of critical systems is performed to check for visible issues that might indicate a concern that your vehicle needs repair to ensure your safety.

express oil change

Tire Maintenance

Regular rotations can protect your tires from irregular wear and improve their longevity. Its is also important to check and top-up your tire air pressure for proper road grip, handling, braking and gas milage.

express oil change

Visual Safety

Having functionable headlights, turn signals, brake lights, clean windshield wiper blades and topped up windshield fluid are a must on any vehicle for yours and others on road safety.

express oil change
express oil change

Lube & Fluids   Services

Making sure that your car's essential fluids gets changed and topped up regularly is key to keeping a car's engine running healthy for as long as possible.

  • Engine Oil Change
  • Engine Flush
  • Transfer Case
  • Differential Service
  • Coolant Exchange
  • Transmission Fluids

Fluid filters picks up more and more contaminants through use until it can no longer effectively prevent potentially damaging particles into the system. For this reason, it is widely accepted that a car’s fluid filters should be changed according to the mileage of your car.

express oil change

Essential   Services

We will conduct a fine detail inspection of your car for what it needs. Our expert technicians are on hand to give you advice and help you identify the essential and vital parts needed for your vehicle.

  • Engine Air Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Wiper Blades
  • Battery
  • Light Bulbs

All our parts meets and / or exceeds manufacturer warranty approved to ensure reliability and safety of your vehicle.
express oil change

Tire   Rotation & Swap

 Tire Rotation

Express Oil Change tire service will make sure that you are getting the best economy and performance from your car’s tires. Our experts will conduct a visual safety inspection on your tires to see for uneven wear. We will remove each tire & wheel and move them to a different position to ensure that all tires wear evenly to extend tire life.

 Seasonal Tire Swap

Changing your winter tire is important, we are here to help. Bring in your winter tire swap and we will change it over without any appointment needed.

Winter tires aren't only good in snowy and icy weather, they also improve security at lower temperatures, soft rubber compound which stays flexible even as temperatures drop, and this provides more controlled handling.

express oil change

Inspection  Services

We understand that not everyone is able to check their vehicle as often as they would like to. A large number of all breakdowns are due to problems which can be avoided and likely to be picked up by a vehicle inspection. All our technicians are well trained performing safety inspections, they will carefully conduct extensive inspection and provide detailed information what is required to be fixed.

  Visual inspection for leaks & damages.

  • Engine & Components
  • Transmission
  • Cooling System
  • Power Steering

  • Exhaust System
  • Brake Lines
  • Fuel Line
  • Suspension

Vehicle inspection is not a warranty or guarantee, but a safety for you and others on the road.
express oil change

Customer Testimonials

Real 5 Star Google Reviews

Fast & Friendly

Best service in Brampton. That’s my honest opinion. Service was fast and efficient. I was greeted immediately as I pulled into the bay. Great friendly services.
Tej Singh

Expert Advise

Dropped in for inspection service in and out in quick during rush hour. They gave the list of thinks i need to change. You guys are changing my mind about dealer service.
Robert Kien

Convenient Hours

It’s convenient the hours of services express oil change offers especially when they are open on sundays, i get my oil change done.
Sarah Kimpels

Positive Vibe

The employees are prompt, friendly and efficient. Every personal interaction was positive. Customer service was stellar and much appreciated.
Rajkumar K.

Customer Support

From the moment I drove up until the moment I left, the service was absolutely fabulous. I was greeted, and immediately taken care.
Joe Kailas

Expert Advise

Went to change my winter tires for a swap. I didn't need an appointment, got it done right away. These guys know what they are doing.
Siva Kumaran

express oil change

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